Ludmilla Ukrow
Ludmilla Ukrow   

Resume in englisch für Singulart

I am a full-time artist in Germany.
I visited the Schools of Arts and the University of Fine Arts in Saarland.
Since 2012 I'm participating in group and solo exhibitions. Usually, it's up to two personal exhibitions and several group exhibitions per year. There are a lot of publications in german and french newspapers and magazines about my exhibitions and artworks.

My customers come from all the world. I already present and sell my artworks on other internet platforms, for example on online galleries like,, and on social media like Facebook, Instagram. 

Landscapes and nature in all its splendor and diversity are the central theme in my artistic forms of expression, which I have developed. I get the impulses for my artistic work and my inspiration from the observation of my immediate environment. I paint every day and I can't imagine a day without painting. When I paint, I dive into my paintings and bring movement and life to the canvas. My paintings show the finest nuances down to the last detail. I try to get as close to reality as possible, but to present it as I see it. That's why in many of my pictures there are more colors than nature gives color play.

I like to paint medium (50 cm x 50 cm) and large-format (80 cm x 100 cm) paintings.

Painting makes me happy and my intention is to share my happiness with many other people through my pictures. I am convinced that Singulart is the best way to reach a large scale of art-loving people around the world. I am sure that my landscapes will appeal many gallery visitors of Singulart.



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